Maternal and Child health Armenian Alliance

The Maternal and Child health Armenian Alliance (Alliance) was established in 2011 and is aimed to bring together non-profit, non-governmental, civil society organizations registered and functioning in Armenia to work for the safeguard and advance of the maternal and child health in Armenia. 46 organizations already became members of the Alliance.

Mission of the Armenian Maternal and Child Health Alliance (hereinafter Alliance) is to support the advancement of maternal and child health in Armenia.

Vision of the Alliance is Safe motherhood, healthy childhood.

Goals and Objectives of the Alliance are:

• Support development and implementation of maternal and child health related policies;

• Identify maternal and child health issues from social, educational, legislative and environmental protection perspectives;

• Support improvement of the quality of healthcare services provided to mothers and children, and establishment of public monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for those services;

• Contribute to the increase of effectiveness of public health education, est.

Agricultural Alliance

Agricultural Alliance (AA ) was established in 2011 as non-formal multi-stakeholder national platform on voluntary basis to create joint partnership/initiatives and work in the sector of Agriculture in Armenia. It brings together 15 local and international organizations involved in Agriculture development.

During these 5 years AA worked on several issues, particularly access to Agricultural loans, legislative amendments on Agricultural cooperatives, Gender main streaming of Agricultural policies, improvement of Food Security etc. The joint discussions and advocacy work around all these issues resulted in the development of Strategy of Sustainable Agricultural Development (SSARD) in the Republic of Armenia for 2015-2025.

"OxYGen" Foundation

OxYGen is an independent advocacy and development foundation driven by its vision of an Armenia free of poverty and suffering, in which women and men can exercise their rights and influence decisions that impact on their lives. As an Oxfam spin off organization in Armenia, OxYGen builds on the twenty year reputation of Oxfam in Armenia to take forward work to deliver its objectives in line with its mission. The name “OxYGen” reflects its roots in Oxfam, and its intention to focus its work with youth and on issues of gender.


Biological Farming Association Elkana

The Biological Farming Association Elkana is a union of farmers aimed at improvement of the socio-economic conditions of the Georgian population and environmental protection through the fostering the development of sustainable organic farming and increasing self-reliance of the rural population.

Address: 16 Gazapkhuli str.,.,
tbilisi / georgia, 0177
Tel/fax: +995 32 253 64 86/87

Address: Shalva Akhaltsikheli str.9.,
Tel/fax: +995 790 50 67 76

Tel/fax: +995 790 53 64 87


Innovation and Development is a fast growing non-governmental organisation operating in Georgia, driven by its vision of Georgia free of poverty and suffering.

Founded in 2015, BRIDGE is a spin-off legacy organisation of Oxfam and builds on Oxfam’s twenty two years working experience in Georgia. BRIDGE continues Oxfam’s endeavour to sustain grassroot connections and partnerships and supports agriculture and rural development in order to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth.

BRIDGE benefits from Oxfam’s global and regional linkages, as well as from its knowledge hubs and toolkits for effective project implementation, and broader learning within the development sector.

BRIDGE also draws on Oxfam’s know-how, skills and experience in advocacy and policy oversight areas, in campaigns and influencing for pro-poor gender sensitive policies, with a strong emphasis on the bottom-to-up principle of policy development through capacitating, engaging and empowering local actors.

Georgian Alliance on Agriculture and Rural Development (GAARD)

BRIDGE coordinates and supports the activities of the national civil society platform - Georgian Alliance on Agriculture and Rural Development (GAARD ) within the framework of the EU funded project “Improving regional food security through national strategies and small holder production in the south Caucasus.”

BRIDGE, as an active member and the Coordinator of GAARD, supports the Alliance in developing joint policy advocacy and lobbying, as well as in oversight of the Agriculture Strategy implementation. As research and evidence building are paramount for successful policy dialogue, BRIDGE actively supports GAARD’s work in identifying policy areas for improvement and creating a database of information and analysis.

The Alliance aims to empower rural communities, particularly smallholder farmers, to reinforce their capacities for representing their interests in the policy development and its implementation process. GAARD is an inclusive space, involving the full range of constituencies, providing a platform for discussion and coordination in order to facilitate collaborative action amongst government and local stakeholders, such as local civil society actors, male and female small holder farmers, vulnerable groups, etc.

Since 2013, GAARD has effectively communicated the convergent views on agriculture and rural policies in Georgia seeking pro-poor policy development. Specifically GAARD has provided recommendations to the Ministry of Agriculture while developing the Agriculture Development Strategy 2015-2020, with 58% of 41 policy areas suggested by GAARD, having been either fully or partially addressed in the final strategy.