New Researches presented by Oxfam in support of Small Holder Farmers

Friday, On June 9, at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi  Oxfam Georgia held the presentation of findings and recommendations of the recent researches. During the event two researches was presented:  “Public Procurement System of Food in Georgia” conducted by PMCG and “Evaluation of Preferential Agro Credit System in Georgia” conducted by RAPDI. Both studies were carried out within the framework of the EU-funded project “Improving Regional Food Security through National Strategies and Small Holder production in the South Caucasus” implemented by Oxfam in Georgia and Armenia.

The event was attended by government representatives, Parliament Committee members, donor organizations and CSOs.

The research “Public Procurement System of Food in Georgia” has revealed that although the public purchase regulations doesn`t directly exclude the participation of small holders farmers in state tendering processes, but due to some indirect barriers the SHF participation in tenders is limited. This is resulted in the increase of the imported products in Georgia.

The goal of the  research “Evaluation of Preferential Agro Credit System in Georgia” is to outline the background information of the programme and identify major facts and consequences to date, with special focus on small-holder farmers. In accordance with the research, 40% of the interviewers declared that the state programme of preferential agro credit takes into account the interests of the large scale entrepreneurs, while limiting the opportunities for the SHF.  

The full researches are available here:

Public Procurement System of Food in Georgia.

Evaluation of Preferential Agro Credit System in Georgia.