Connecting Small-holders to Markets – High Level Forum of Committee on World Food Security



Committee on World Food Security (CFS) falls under the UN system and was established in 1974 as an intergovernmental body for the policy making process around food security and nutrition. In light of the recent food crisis in 2009, the UN and CFS respectively, recognized the need for reforms within CFS.  The food crisis brought up issues of food security, nutrition and food sovereignty on surface as imminently as never before that gave way to the restructuring process within CFS. Therefore, in 2009-2010 Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) was established in order to better mitigate the risks of future food crisis from happening by listening to the voices of civil society and identifying potential areas of food security that can be nurtured further through tailored policy making. By establishing CSM, the CFS created a space for dialogue for the civil society organizations from all around the world with the ultimate goal to influence food security policies affecting the communities on local levels.